Kids Bedroom-Ideas and Inspiration

Congratulations go out the Nicole and Ben who are celebrating the arrival of their third child William, named after Ben’s brother who died almost two years ago. In honour of this amazing arrival I thought I’d show you some of my favourite kids furniture and decorating pieces to inspire you to create a lovely room for your little ones.

I don’t have any children, but I know enough mothers to know that when their friends and family come over, the kid’s bedroom doors stay firmly shut. Use some of these ideas to make your childs bedroom a haven that you can put on show!

Modern Princess Bed from Lilly and Lolly. RRP: $1,800.00

Upholstered in linen. This is the greatest bed room piece for your little princess. Two would look divine together in one room.

Ubabub Nifty Junior Bed from Metromum. RRP $224.10

So modern! This is the type of bed that your kids won’t moan about at age 10 saying its too young. Love it!

Raja Baby Blue Elephant 25cm from Illie. RRP: $25.00


Laurent Armoire from La Maison. RRP: $2,599.00

This armoire is simply stunning in person. I wouldn’t be against painting it. If you’re not a fan of heavily antique looking white furniture then I say go for it!. Most outrageously it would look fabulous in hot pink or bright blue as it would completely override the French look- LOVE!

Leander Cot and Bed from BabyRoo. RRP: $1,759.00

The bees knees, apparently.

Forget painting clouds on the walls when there are wallpapers out there that look like this! This one is from Catalina Estrada! I love it as it is so unexpected in a child’s bedroom! Wouldn’t look to bad in any room to be honest!

For more stylish baby ideas have a look at one of my favourite blogs:

HAPPY THURSDAY, the week is almost over, phew!


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