Top3 by Design Love.

So one of my fav stores in Sydney is Top3 by design for a number of good reasons. Firstly they have the most quirky, fun and entertaining design pieces all in one store! Secondly they stock one of the biggest collections of Missoni Home in New South Wales. Finally they have stocked designs and products that my partner has created and I love to gush about him!

The Missoni Home collection. LOVE!

I love this Missoni throw! It is the perfect thing to brighten up a boring sofa.


Stillleben White Squirrel Bowl from Top3 by Design. RRP: $990.00

Such an interesting take on a fruit bowl. This will be such a conversation starter at your next party.

Great Bear Candlelight from Top3 by Design. RRP $1,100.00

So elegant, the stems are so long and beautiful.

This is a must visit! Go now… seriously NOW!.



Congratulations go out the Nicole and Ben who are celebrating the arrival of their third child William, named after Ben’s brother who died almost two years ago. In honour of this amazing arrival I thought I’d show you some of my favourite kids furniture and decorating pieces to inspire you to create a lovely room for your little ones.

I don’t have any children, but I know enough mothers to know that when their friends and family come over, the kid’s bedroom doors stay firmly shut. Use some of these ideas to make your childs bedroom a haven that you can put on show!

Modern Princess Bed from Lilly and Lolly. RRP: $1,800.00

Upholstered in linen. This is the greatest bed room piece for your little princess. Two would look divine together in one room.

Ubabub Nifty Junior Bed from Metromum. RRP $224.10

So modern! This is the type of bed that your kids won’t moan about at age 10 saying its too young. Love it!

Raja Baby Blue Elephant 25cm from Illie. RRP: $25.00


Laurent Armoire from La Maison. RRP: $2,599.00

This armoire is simply stunning in person. I wouldn’t be against painting it. If you’re not a fan of heavily antique looking white furniture then I say go for it!. Most outrageously it would look fabulous in hot pink or bright blue as it would completely override the French look- LOVE!

Leander Cot and Bed from BabyRoo. RRP: $1,759.00

The bees knees, apparently.

Forget painting clouds on the walls when there are wallpapers out there that look like this! This one is from Catalina Estrada! I love it as it is so unexpected in a child’s bedroom! Wouldn’t look to bad in any room to be honest!

For more stylish baby ideas have a look at one of my favourite blogs:

HAPPY THURSDAY, the week is almost over, phew!


Where I’d rather be: The Beach!

I love that decorating and beautiful interior design can transport you to a different place, era or even change your mood. With all the terrible weather we have had in Sydney the past few months I am loving the idea of a beachy interior. Looking at these images its easy to imagine yourself lying back and sipping a cocktail whilst listening to the roar of the ocean. I’ve tried to steer clear of the typical beachy style which can sometimes look a bit lazy and ‘shack like’. Hopefully these images inspire you to create your own modernised beachy interior.

Stunning the clean lines of the ocean coloured chairs really works well with the slat lined coffee table. There are touches of the beachy look here but it is mostly a modern interior.

I love this! The rope-work against that old wood veneer wall is fantastic!

Love, but I’m not a fan of that chunky side table between the two armchairs I think a slimmer or perhaps a glass one could have worked better.

Using a natural coloured woven rug is an easy way to create organic texture in a room. Those armchairs are a divine way of introducing a nautical theme into the space without it screaming “THIS IS A BEACH HOUSE!!!”.

This is very nautical, however those cushions are a good example of how something simple can cheapen a space. I’d simplify here and use less cushions and not double up on patterns. It usually looks better to use different prints and patterns in a similar scheme then have them all matching perfectly.


Olivia Palermo Apartment Inspiration

I am not really a fan of starlets. On my daily googling today I came across these images of Olivia Palermo in her apartment. I was surprised by her apartment style. Someone who comes across as a very over-the-top and wealthy woman has a rather modest apartment. I love her use of space in her living room, especially as it is a rather small area. I found these products which you could use to re-create this look.

Shadowline Coffee Table from Sydney Side.

I love Sydney Side’s entertainment cupboards as well! This coffee table is really beautiful in person. The bonus with this one is that it simply wipes clean so a little spill is no big deal.

Sussex Tub Chair from French and English. RRP: $995.00

I love this tub chair plus it is on wheels so it makes it easy to push around the room when entertaining. This is very similar to the one Olivia Palermo has in her apartment, just add a cushion.

Cornwell Wingback from French and English. RRP:$995.00

Roller Ottoman in Vivaldi Aqua from Plush. RRP: $649.00

Plush has great ottoman choices for almost any budget and lots of fabrics to choose from so you can get it to suit all your other furniture pieces.

Lisbona Throw by Missoni Home from Saks. RRP: $838.14

I love this throw more than the zebra but you be the judge.

Do you know of any celebrities that have amazing apartments?

Hermes China Collection

I was strolling past Hermes today, of course I stopped and stared in at the beautiful china collection they had on display in the window. There is simply nothing more stunning than Hermes fine china. I remember reading about Elle McPherson giving her sister-in-law a Hermes tea set for her birthday, now that’s a present I wouldn’t mind receiving. The design house is synonymous for their luxury leather goods but their home products are also the best quality that you can buy. Why not spoil yourself this year and buy a set, or start a collection and get one piece at a time. For the greatest accessory to host a high tea party you can’t go past these little beauties!

Balcon Du Guadalquivir Mug from Hermes. RRP: $200 each.

Hermes Sellier from Hermes. RRP: $665.00.

What do you think? Would you collect Hermes china?