Designer Doggie Accessories for your Furry Friend

Your decorating scheme should not stop before you buy these amazing accessories for your pet. I’ve found these creative and also stylish pieces to make sure your pup is the coolest on the block.

Little Bend Bowl from GSelect. RRP: $85.00

Dog Fluid Bowls from The Cuff Shop. RRP: $100

These remind me of some stools I saw at Orson & Blake over the weekend!

Designer Cat Litter Box from Amazon. RRP $119.95.

Very well hidden! Clever idea.

Contour Deluxe Sahara from Pet Revolution. RRP: $390.

This is my absolute favourite. It is un-fussy, easy to clean and as it comes in many colours, it will fit in with any decor. Stylish!

Buy these! If you have a puppy they are a must! from Fuzz Yard. They also sell a large range of grooming products and organic shampoos that smell divine and will get rid of any scratchies your pup might have.

Sit bobo.. sit… Good dog!


What do you think??!

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