Vintage and Antique Treasure Trove

It’s very easy to make me smile, a little harder to make me jump with excitement but very very difficult to make me speechless and gasping for breath. My partner suggested that we go to Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre (very lovely fellow I’m sure you are all thinking. Not many cricket/football loving men would allow their girlfriend to drag them around an antique store but mine did 🙂 )

Not only was I in awe at the prices, I also was so impressed by the quality and variety of the pieces of furniture and decorative nic-nacs.

I’ve never been to Aladdin’s cave but I’m pretty sure it would look something like this!

That chandelier was $300…. do you understand why I couldn’t speak? I was busy trying not to buy everything I saw!

That crystal jar…. to-die-for!

OHHHH they also had handmade vintage books which were in very good condition, I loved the Shakespeare set.

They had so many beautiful table lamps from the 60’s and 70’s that were in perfect condition. I was intending on buying two table lamps from Domayne which were $390 each…. I saved money buying vintage ones plus, they are also much more beautiful and no-one else will have them 🙂

Some of the best industrial pieces I’ve seen in my life. Beautiful craftmanship.

Luckily we have very similar taste. When he decided to buy a vintage wooden desk chair with leather upholstery I could only approve 🙂

incredible!! Do you love them?

My love affair with vintage raw woods continues. I need to buy a huge house for all the massive furniture I adore…. one day.

How did you spend your Sunday ?


The country roots

I came from very humble beginnings. I grew up in a tiny town in Northern New South Wales which boasts some of the coldest winters in the state. I didn’t ever live on a farm but I feel quite comfortable calling myself a country dweller. I love the fresh air, green grass and I even think the water tastes wetter there. My mother loves country-style. I grew up measuring myself against the hand carved antique white furniture she filled our home with.

At the ripe age of eighteen I moved 800 km away and set up my apartment in Sydney. This was my first place, and it was in a city I was anything but used to. I instantly wanted to rebel against my style upbringing, wanting modern and minimalist furniture pieces. I succeeded.

At the time my mother told me that my country roots where deeper then I could ever imagine. She told me that eventually a seed in the back of my mind would grow and I would want to bring more country-style back into my interior. She was correct!

I am now completely obsessed with this laid back relaxed style, and I’m sure you are too !

Seriously I would move in here tomorrow!

An eclectic assortment of chairs is very ‘country’, matchy-matchy is not a concern of this style of living!

It’s so humble, so serene and laid back.

That trunk…. THAT TRUNK! I have no words…..

I hope this Sunday post remind you all never to run away from your roots 🙂


DIY Door knobs.

Lets be honest, many of us don’t have thousands of dollars to get a piece of furniture custom made. A way of adding some personality to some pieces of furniture is by altering their hardware. I am in love with a rather budget friendly cupboard at the moment, which I am going to use as an entertainment unit. The piece is very solid and has a great design but the door knobs are very boring. 

This is so simple to change! You’ll find the best choices of custom and handmade door knobs on Ebay, Etsy and at your local antique store. I love these:

Handmade elephant door handle from Ebay.RRP $35 + postage.

Vintage crystal knob from Etsy. RRP: $38

Polished Brass Pull Handle from Restoration Online Australia. RRP: $13.95

There are literally hundreds on the market so start looking and find something that fits your individual style.