Petrified Wood Stools: Papaya Homewares

I completely fell in love on the weekend. Head over heels, heart pounding and short of breath type of love.

I discovered a new store in Westfield Bondi Junction that I havent come across before (which is quite rare trust me!). Called Papaya it is nestled on the same level as Top3 By Design and Wheel and Barrow. The have a beautiful mix of hand carved ethnic pieces and some rare finds.

Ok, now to the object of my affection. Petrified wood stools!

Petrified Wood Stool from Papaya. RRP: $1,200.00 each.

These fossilised wood stools are sourced from the rainforests of Indonesia. They are created naturally thousands of years ago during a volcanic eruption, minerals from the ash replace the wood very slowly created petrified wood. These are extremely rare and only found in three locations around the world. Different minerals in the ash are responsible for the variety of colours.

I bought two of these amazing little beauties, just couldn’t pass up such a find!

What do you think of these?