Bathroom products you’ll love!

I’ll admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to bathroom products! These are some of my favourite bits and bobs which adorn my bathroom!

Oh I adore Lush bath products they leave you smelling delicious. Missoni bath towels are also unsurpassed in my opinion, they come in stunning prints and feel so fluffy and fantastic on your skin!

I love my Diptyque Candle… It is the best of the best and the smell is so strong and beautiful without it being sickly sweet… I use the Baise version.

Fashion to functional furnishings

I absolutely love fashion. I don’t mean that I like it, I mean: faint, weak at the knees, heart racing and facing going red type of LOVE. This love affair of mine has lasted longer than any relationship, and its about time I made it a permanent fixture in my home setting. My two favourite brands for inspiring decor are Missoni and Marni. I love colour so of course they are obvious choices. Don’t get me wrong, Missoni Home is insanely expensive, but I figure: this is something I will have for life. To be honest if I have to subconsciously convince myself that this will be the heirloom I pass down to my grandchildren, then I’m totally going to do it.

I after looking at my “Missoni and Marni mission” from a number of angles I feel I now have a game plan! I have looked at Missoni chairs online: I apologise in advance if you love them, but I really don’t.

Madmoiselle Chair by Missoni Home. RRP: $1,140.00

I mean, it isn’t terrible… is it worth over one thousand? I don’t think so, what do you think?

I have decided to go down an alternate path. The great thing about most large design houses is that you can often buy some of their signature prints or fabrics by the meter. I had a look at many of the Missoni prints available at Spence and Lyda (Surry Hills). They have so many types that you will find one for almost any decor. I chose these two for the contender list for my new signature chair:

Masulah print by Missoni from Spence and Lyda. RRP: $225/mtr.

Mogle print by Missoni from Spence and Lyda. RRP: $424/mtr.

I am leaning towards the Masulah, what do you think?

I am then going to get this custom upholstered to a beautiful frame, like this one from La Maison:

Haut Armchair in Ebony from La Maison. RRP: $2,027.00

Hey its a lot of money… but this is the type of thing you will only do once (or perhaps twice, or trice :P) so why not spoil yourself with something you completely adore.

A statement chair can really transform a space from drab to fab! Have a look at these great images which inspired me:

Totally love this one! Talk about mixing prints and patterns. Marni eat your heart out!

If you really wanting something to update your home look to see what types of prints and patterns they are using on the runway then re-interpret them into custom upholstery choice.

I can see a painting similar to that skirt stretched on a feature wall, with a stripe patterned upholstered armchair, and a heavily beaded pendent light: perfection!