Bathroom products you’ll love!

I’ll admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to bathroom products! These are some of my favourite bits and bobs which adorn my bathroom!

Oh I adore Lush bath products they leave you smelling delicious. Missoni bath towels are also unsurpassed in my opinion, they come in stunning prints and feel so fluffy and fantastic on your skin!

I love my Diptyque Candle… It is the best of the best and the smell is so strong and beautiful without it being sickly sweet… I use the Baise version.

New York Holiday at Thompson Hotels

I have been so busy the past few weeks but I have some very exciting news… I’m going to New York! It’s about time!! My partner and I started planning booking and paying for our holiday this week and I am so excited!!! We are planning New York to be our luxe destination no expense will be spared… That’s when I found Thompson Hotels….

I mean… seriously, any hotel with spun copper lights like these babies needs to go on The Bucket List…

For all of you New Yorker’s out there… or anyone who has also been there on a holiday, I would love to hear about all your favourite haunts.

Hermes China Collection

I was strolling past Hermes today, of course I stopped and stared in at the beautiful china collection they had on display in the window. There is simply nothing more stunning than Hermes fine china. I remember reading about Elle McPherson giving her sister-in-law a Hermes tea set for her birthday, now that’s a present I wouldn’t mind receiving. The design house is synonymous for their luxury leather goods but their home products are also the best quality that you can buy. Why not spoil yourself this year and buy a set, or start a collection and get one piece at a time. For the greatest accessory to host a high tea party you can’t go past these little beauties!

Balcon Du Guadalquivir Mug from Hermes. RRP: $200 each.

Hermes Sellier from Hermes. RRP: $665.00.

What do you think? Would you collect Hermes china?

Ikea: more bang for your buck.

Hi Guys,

I’ll be honest- I am NOT a fan of Ikea. I believe you get what you pay for, and I prefer to support smaller quality furniture businesses. However in saying that, money is a huge issue for everyone and Ikea does offer some great items. If your handy with an Allen Key and don’t mind building your own pieces, then go for it.

WARNING!!!!!!!: Please do not fall into the Ikea trap- buy a few pieces if you need them, but don’t fill your apartment with Ikea stock, there is simply nothing more boring!

I’ve had a look at the new Tempe store here in Sydney and picked out a few of my fav apartment friendly buys:

Kipplan Two Seater sofa from Ikea. RRP: $699

This sofa is dirt cheap! and quite practical for an apartment being only 180cm wide. Made from split leather it is cheaper then regualr leather as its made from leather fibres that have been bonded together with a polymer.

I really hate the legs as it looks very cheap- I trick I learnt is that you can often replace those unsightly legs by purchasing alternate ones or even getting a nice piece of wood cut at Bunnings then drilling out a space for the metal leg to sit within it. Basically by making a ‘cap’ for the ugly legs to sit in you can create a much more expensive look! Plus you can stain the wood in any way you like to match back with your other finishings.

This sofa is crying out for some colourful cushions, try Kelani Fabrics who often a custom cushion making service.

Stornas/ Henriksdal Ding Table and four chairs from Ikea. RRP: $689.

I’m all for upholstered dining chairs! Not only are they comfy they do add a more expensive look. I love this dining set as the table is extendable! This is perfect for those of you in small apartments who require a larger table every now and then, but simply don’t have the space to have one all the time. This is a real bargain, however, to fight the upholstery fabric (which reminds me of a cheap hotel) think about clashing it with a funky table runner or even seat cushions. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one!

Ikea Ps from Ikea. RRP: $199.

Either you love it or hate it. This is a good buy for those of you that love the retro style. This is perfect as a TV cabinet or even as a sideboard depending on your needs. I can see this working with a really funky vintage lounge. For those of you who love retro/vintage/non-run of-the-mill furniture pieces stay tuned for my next blog as I’m going to drop some great names where you can get great bits at a steal!

Hemnes Mirror from Ikea. RRP $119

Simple, elegant and can be used in any home, enough said! Why pay more?

What is your experience with Ikea? Love it or Hate it?