Favourite Fabrics!

I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with the idea of custom upholstered chairs and ottomans over the past few weeks! There is no better way to get a signature look in your home then incorporating some of your favourite prints…

These are whats on my list!

Kelani is one of my favourite fabric stores in the Sydney area. They offer a service to create you custom cushions (in all different sizes) and custom lampshades. Whilst browsing through their range having this service available to you at a click is extremely handy!

 Also loving these prints!


Happy shopping everyone!




Bathroom products you’ll love!

I’ll admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to bathroom products! These are some of my favourite bits and bobs which adorn my bathroom!

Oh I adore Lush bath products they leave you smelling delicious. Missoni bath towels are also unsurpassed in my opinion, they come in stunning prints and feel so fluffy and fantastic on your skin!

I love my Diptyque Candle… It is the best of the best and the smell is so strong and beautiful without it being sickly sweet… I use the Baise version.

A New Favourite on the Sydney Shopping Scene!…. A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes.

Upon my weekly stroll through Surry Hills last weekend I came across something new… A gorgeous new store has opened on Crown St called A Cook, His Wife and Her Shoes, and it’s about time! Surry Hills has screamed out for a signature shoe boutique for quite sometime and I believe that this is just the ticket.

Meet The Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes. A store dedicated to the essence of shopping and the understanding that the shoe is an essential piece; providing the finishing touch to every outfit. Owned by shoe enthusiast, Regina Evans and her ever supportive husband Alun Evans (‘The Cook’).

This soon-to-be natural fabric of Sydney’s Surry Hills landscape not only respects the shoe buying experience, but provides an eclectic range of women’s shoes picked by a woman who understands local and international style. The Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes will whisk you to 1950’s France, where heels were a (sexy) part of everyday fashion, no matter the occasion. The perfect statement. From beautiful stockings, to vintage scarves, books on shoes, beauty products to ensure beautiful feet and legs, and of course shoes – let Regina reignite your elegant shoe shopping experience. 

I couldn’t resist picking myself up a fab pair of wedges, as you can see below!!! I’ve worn them three days in a row… 

A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes is a virtual candy store of femininity! Just look at their incredible range of footwear and a store fit for a French Princess… walk, run, hitch-hike or even piggy-back your way in to pick up some of these shoes for yourself!


A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes                                                                                                Unit 3, 538 Crown St, Surry Hills.


One of my Favs! Mitchel Road Antique & Design Center

I love Mitchel Rd Antique & Design Center… It’s a fantastic place to find amazing vintage furniture from all walks of life. They have a section of restored furniture, auction pieces (which are fix up pieces at massively reduced prices) & upstairs a store where you can find accessories, furniture and clothing. It’s also great as they have small sections dedicated to artisans who sell their handmade products, from vintage industrial lights to teacups filled with soy candles.

Here as some pics from my expedition this weekend 🙂 Hope you like them…

This pic comes from one of the areas downstairs dedicated to porcelain wares and crystal…. one of a kind pieces is what you’ll find here.

This is a pic of one of the pieces from the restored section… Prices are obviously higher here but chair frames are perfect and the upholstery is flawless… splurge!

These are new in-store… hundreds, literally a wall of vintage suitcases… run, walk, ride or hitch-hike your way in and pick yourself up one or five of these cases to create some of the great looks below!

Hope your having a lovely weekend!

Spence & Lynda New Store on Charmers St.

I went to visit the new Spence & Lynda Showroom today since they moved from Foster St…. Very Impressed. The new venue on Charmers St does not disappoint… larger, with floor to ceiling windows onto the street that temp walkers by and bath the store with natural light.

I am loving the new selections of Missoni, it was hard not to buy everything although I do have a few things that I will have to budget myself for as life would not be worth living without them… heheh!

Here are some of my pics and favourite pieces from the store!

Make sure you go and check it out…