Bonjour Monsieur! Destination…. France!!


France is a magical destination… the food, the shopping & those stylish women pounding pavement everyday. The last time I visited France I went to Paris and Nice. I was constantly impressed by the most stunning women, dressed impeccably running off to meetings or to lunch dates. There is something magical about this country… with such a rich history and a very popular decorating style it is one of my favourites!

Ornate furniture pieces with touches of gold and silver. Luxe textures and shapes are the epitome of the French decorating style! Look at these amazing inspirational pics 🙂

Well I’m off to buy a beret and a croissant…

Pour me a mint tea! Destination: Morocco

I love Moroccan inspired interior design! It was not hard whatsoever for me to find so amazing photos to drool over! This style is one of my biggest inspirations! Hope you love…

Hope you feel inspired 🙂

Jolly Ho! Destination: England!

London England is one of my favourite cities! I went there first at the age of 16 and now try to go back when I can. The city is always so clean, people are very friendly and they have a rich history. I adore English furnishings, but I decided to have a bit more fun with these look. Due to the olympics, English flags are all over the market… I LOVE IT… Get some of these great graphic furnishings into your home!


Alexander McQueen Clutches are insane… I have one on my wish list 🙂

God Save The Queen xxx

Bathroom products you’ll love!

I’ll admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to bathroom products! These are some of my favourite bits and bobs which adorn my bathroom!

Oh I adore Lush bath products they leave you smelling delicious. Missoni bath towels are also unsurpassed in my opinion, they come in stunning prints and feel so fluffy and fantastic on your skin!

I love my Diptyque Candle… It is the best of the best and the smell is so strong and beautiful without it being sickly sweet… I use the Baise version.

Hermes China Collection

I was strolling past Hermes today, of course I stopped and stared in at the beautiful china collection they had on display in the window. There is simply nothing more stunning than Hermes fine china. I remember reading about Elle McPherson giving her sister-in-law a Hermes tea set for her birthday, now that’s a present I wouldn’t mind receiving. The design house is synonymous for their luxury leather goods but their home products are also the best quality that you can buy. Why not spoil yourself this year and buy a set, or start a collection and get one piece at a time. For the greatest accessory to host a high tea party you can’t go past these little beauties!

Balcon Du Guadalquivir Mug from Hermes. RRP: $200 each.

Hermes Sellier from Hermes. RRP: $665.00.

What do you think? Would you collect Hermes china?