Beautiful Home Office Ideas!

Wow I have been so busy these last few months finishing off my apartment renovations, (which is slightly futile since I am moving in January!) and building my new online store which is coming soon. I have decided that I need an office, and I’m working on some ideas to get the look I want. Here are some pics of what I’ve come up with thus far!

I have been a huge fan of Jimmie Martin furniture for a while… I simply adore these sausage dog chairs!

Hope everyone has a nice day!! 🙂

Lets do some study… trendy style!

I really love simple modern style. Smooth textured wood and contemporary plastic contrasted with nickel… amazing! This is one of the simplist styles to create and it will never date. I hate study… I hate sitting down and having to repeat information to myself until I memorise it… If I had a desk/home office like this then I may enjoy study just a touch more.

To come up with this look I looked at one of my favourite photographic blogs, Convoy. I love this modern unfussy style!!!

Have a great week!

Sophisticated Home Library.

It’s so easy to create a home library. All you need is a great bookcase, I love the one I found to use in this design (but there are lots on the market which are very similar) because it has useful storage space down the bottom. A fantastic signature chair to curl up in to read a fantastic book is also a must!

This library look is very popular amongst designers all over the globe… I love these pics!

Have a great week!!

Rustic Masculine Touches

I love the industrial style. Its unfussy, organic and masculine. These are some of my favourite pieces I am now coveting.

Contemporary Oak Coffee Table from 21st Century Gothic. RRP: £995.00

I love! LOVE! I am currently looking into sourcing this for my apartment as it will go perfectly with my new sofa (which is arriving tomorrow, all fresh and new and custom upholstered!). What do you think of this table? Love it or hate it?

Vintage French Postal Desk from Eclectic By Iliana. RRP: $2,300.00

This seems rather interesting! I don’t know whether I like it or not, but it is definitely interesting.

This fabulous image is from apartment therapy. I completely adore those stools! I found some similar ones at 21st Century Gothic. What do you think?

 High Voltage bar stool from 21st Century Gothic. RRP: £535.00

What do you think about industrial interiors?