Colourful Kitchen-ware… An easy way to make cooking a little more fun!

I love colour! It has the power to change your mood. A little colour always cheers me up if I have had a bad day. Colourful kitchens are so unexpected! I love these images and they give you a great idea of how to easily achieve this in your home


I love these combinations… I own a few and the others are definately on the wish list!

Although I love to cook, these accessories make it a bit more fun, plus they look amazing!

1. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in Electric Blue. RRP: $799.00

 2. Scanpan Lemon 25″ Frying Pan. ON SALE: $79.50

3. Bodum Bistro Lime Green Toaster. US: $50.00

4. Joseph & Joseph Mosaic Tutti Frutti Chopping Board. US: $27.95

5. Scanpan Lime Green Knife Block. RRP: $79.95

1. Anna Chandler Persian Tile Plate. RRP: $62.85

2. Delonghi Faceted Kettle. RRP: $97.00

3. Chalet Rolling Pin. RRP: $12.00

4. Chalet Pantone Kitchen Scale. RRP: $69.95 

5. Dinosaur Designs Serving Bowl and Salad Servers. RRP: $360

                           Happy Wednesday!