Heatherly Design Bed-heads! Customisable Bed-heads on Demand!

I adore customisable furniture! It allows for you to really inject your personality and taste into your interior with ease. I came across Heatherly Design Bedheads a few months ago and have become a massive fan! They have a gorgeous range of bed heads that are fully customisable…

Look at these gorgeous styles!

The Ralson, below, is my favourite! I can see this design looking so fantastic as a focal point in any bedroom.

  With a fantastic range, and so many options their online showroom is easily navigated and full of inspiration! Check it out here

  Have fun planning your bedroom makeover!



Art Deco Yellow and Black Master Bedroom…

This would be one of the many bedroom’s that I would very happily live in! I love the splashes of colour against the art deco detailing and lovely patterns…. divine!

Get the Romance Back in your Master Bedroom.

Happy Valentines day! In light of the most romantic day of the year I’m going to give you some tips and hints for making your bedroom a zone for passion and relaxation.

We are all guilty of allowing our bedrooms to become work zones or not keeping it the ‘escape’ it’s meant to be. Having university books on your bedside, a laptop on standby to swiftly plonk on your lap as soon as you wake, toys scattered around the floor, they are all relaxation killers! For the last year I have tried to keep my bedroom a relaxation only zone, I sleep better and I have a better relationship, so don’t you think its worth investing in?

This valentines day spoil yourself with these romantic gifts which should transform your bedroom.

1) First step: Get rid of that bedroom TV. Seriously right now!… go… unplug…

Watching television directly before going to bed does not prepare the body for a good nights sleep, it also isn’t very romantic. Whats that? …You need that extra TV because he loves sports and you would rather curl up and watch Greys Anatomy on DVD?… Hmmmm OK I’ll allow you to keep it then, I would hate to cause a remote war… BUT! You have to hide it so it isn’t the feature of the bedroom. Hide a TV in a beautiful antique Armoire or Cupboard and close the doors when not watching TV.

Normany Armoire from Meirelles. RRP: $6,800.00

2) Beautiful Bed Linens: Get contrasting patterns and prints with a neutral throw, like the lovely navy one below. Go for different textures and fabrics to add some luxe to any bedroom. Silks, satins, high quality cottons, plush velvets and furs. My favourites are Bianca Lorenne (New Zealand), Yves Delorme Paris (France: I bought a comforter from this brand when I was in Paris, the most amazing quality and even now four years later it still looks beautiful) and Missoni (Italy)

Yves Delorme


Herringbone Print Linen from Elm Place Homewares. Duvet. RRP: $198.00

I love this set as it looks like Missoni and is high quality but without the price tag.

3) Get a custom-made bed head in a plush fabric or gorgeous pattern: A custom bed head can add a lot of character to a room. I love the Hampton’s bed head form Heatherly Design which is based around the design of a Wing-back chair. This is available in leathers and suades- buy one that suites your loves and needs.

Hampton’s Bedhead from Heatherly Design. From $1,885 for Double.

Remember the bedroom is for relaxing, the living room is for living, try and keep your bedroom an ‘escape zone’.