ZERO+MARIACORNEJO Interior Design Look.




Get the Preen Colour Blocked Look In Your home!

Colour Blocking style with navy and orange… this look is so classy and very much on trend! What do you guys think!?

Get the Alexander McQueen Look in your home!

Alexander McQueen is a design house which is edgy, cutting edge and modern. I love the gothic sophistication of this look! It is a powerful look that is extremely stylish… 

What do you think?

Get the Dolce & Gabbana Look In Your Home!

I completely love this luxe, patterned look! D & G’s collection this season pays homage to Versace but uses european cuts which are playful! I put together these patterned looks to incorporate this style into your home!

Finding a New Home for those Luxury Bags

Ok so these are my bags I have kept from all my luxury purchases from the past year or so… no judgment!

I have been holding onto them (they have been taking up much needed room in my bedroom) planning to do something with them.

I have not wanted to throw these away. Lets face it they represent the purchase and I love them almost as much as the things that came in them. With the price of some prints these days I love the idea of framing them and popping them up on a wall. Have a look at my inspiration!

I’ll show you the final look. But I’m liking this arrangement thus far:

Happy Tuesday!