Favourite Fabrics!

I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with the idea of custom upholstered chairs and ottomans over the past few weeks! There is no better way to get a signature look in your home then incorporating some of your favourite prints…

These are whats on my list!

Kelani is one of my favourite fabric stores in the Sydney area. They offer a service to create you custom cushions (in all different sizes) and custom lampshades. Whilst browsing through their range having this service available to you at a click is extremely handy!

 Also loving these prints!


Happy shopping everyone!




Heatherly Design Bed-heads! Customisable Bed-heads on Demand!

I adore customisable furniture! It allows for you to really inject your personality and taste into your interior with ease. I came across Heatherly Design Bedheads a few months ago and have become a massive fan! They have a gorgeous range of bed heads that are fully customisable…

Look at these gorgeous styles!

The Ralson, below, is my favourite! I can see this design looking so fantastic as a focal point in any bedroom.

  With a fantastic range, and so many options their online showroom is easily navigated and full of inspiration! Check it out here

  Have fun planning your bedroom makeover!



Bathroom products you’ll love!

I’ll admit I am a bit of an addict when it comes to bathroom products! These are some of my favourite bits and bobs which adorn my bathroom!

Oh I adore Lush bath products they leave you smelling delicious. Missoni bath towels are also unsurpassed in my opinion, they come in stunning prints and feel so fluffy and fantastic on your skin!

I love my Diptyque Candle… It is the best of the best and the smell is so strong and beautiful without it being sickly sweet… I use the Baise version.

The Continuing Love Affair with Tom Dixon.

It’s time I made a confession, I LOVE Tom Dixon Lights…

There is something about his masterful style… using fantastic materials like copper in ways that reflect the industrial era but also evoke modern taste. Inspired by my dreams about the fantastic hotel me and my partner are staying at in New York, I thought I’d share some more inspiring pics of Tom Dixon Lighting and how to get the look in your home!

Gorgeous right? One of these lovely Tom Dixon Pendent Lights made from copper will set you back £340.00. For a genuine Tom Dixon I think it’s rather reasonable, go on spoil yourself… But if you need a good replica, try Matt Blatt, their replica will only set you back $295.00…

But one of my new favourites is definitely this baby…. Named the Etch Light Web in Copper this beautiful pendent light creates amazing patterns when lit and is simply stunning!

 The fantastic thing about light pendant lights like these is you can have them installed in most apartments without voiding your lease agreement. A simple fitting can be installed by an electrician and then if you decide to move later on it’s a quick switch to put the original light fitting back in. Add some charm and originality to your apartment with this easy and stylish addition.

Happy Monday Everyone !

My New Favourite Coffee Table Designer Pieces!

I love looking everywhere and then finding a few things in the ways of furniture that I have never seen before. These such pieces are just that! I adore them all.

Flotsum & Jetsam Coffee Table from Marcusoreilly.com. RRP: $3,900.00

Those who follow this blog know my love of recycled wood coffee tables. This one takes the cake! I love the use of different slabs of wood and colours to create an individual texture to each table. This is a sure-fire conversation starter and something you will adore for life!

4foldlow coffee table designed by George Rice for Formtank. RRP: from £490.00

This is a trendy little beauty. Reminds me a lot of the Isamu Noguchi glass coffee table but much more geometrical and updated. I love the idea of this with a graphic rug on the floor… divine.

Table bench chair by Sam Hect. POA

This really appeals to the design-for-the-sake-of-design part of me. This would never work in my home, but would look great for any interior in my “Keep it Simple, Stupid” post.

Ahhhh I am happy I found these treasures, now I must focus on my interior design project: My new living room!

My new couch arrived this week- CHECK

My new entertainment unit is paid and getting delivered (hopefully) this weekend -CHECK

NOW WHAT NEXT! more shopping of course!