Lets style a coffee table!


There is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeously styled coffee table. It’s the perfect place to display all of your lovely nic-naks and coffee table books, not hiding them away on a bookshelf. I found these lovely pics, which give you perfect inspiration along with my tips to create this in your home 🙂

1. Play with colour and scale. Stacking smaller books on top of larger ones creates height and interest. Flowers are a great choice to accent colours from either your books, or from your interior. 


 2. Use decorative pieces. Any cute, small decorative pieces you have picked up at the markets, vintage shop or even at auction should be displayed on your coffee table… the qwirkier the better! I especially love that little crab! 🙂

 3. Keep it simple. Use shades and textures which compliment each other: Glass, crystal and metals look fab together… so do enamel, matt and gemstones… choose one accent pieces and keep the rest complimentary!

4. Don’t forget about the coffee table! Having a gorgeously styled coffee table will not hide an ugly canvas… Pick a table that will compliment your room. One of the best tips I can give those of you who have invested in a fabulous rug is to invest in a lovely glass coffee table, allow the rest of the elements in your room sing too 🙂

        Have a lovely week everyone!

Finding a New Home for those Luxury Bags

Ok so these are my bags I have kept from all my luxury purchases from the past year or so… no judgment!

I have been holding onto them (they have been taking up much needed room in my bedroom) planning to do something with them.

I have not wanted to throw these away. Lets face it they represent the purchase and I love them almost as much as the things that came in them. With the price of some prints these days I love the idea of framing them and popping them up on a wall. Have a look at my inspiration!

I’ll show you the final look. But I’m liking this arrangement thus far:

Happy Tuesday!


DIY Door knobs.

Lets be honest, many of us don’t have thousands of dollars to get a piece of furniture custom made. A way of adding some personality to some pieces of furniture is by altering their hardware. I am in love with a rather budget friendly cupboard at the moment, which I am going to use as an entertainment unit. The piece is very solid and has a great design but the door knobs are very boring. 

This is so simple to change! You’ll find the best choices of custom and handmade door knobs on Ebay, Etsy and at your local antique store. I love these:

Handmade elephant door handle from Ebay.RRP $35 + postage.

Vintage crystal knob from Etsy. RRP: $38

Polished Brass Pull Handle from Restoration Online Australia. RRP: $13.95

There are literally hundreds on the market so start looking and find something that fits your individual style.

Raw Wood- Avoiding the Water Stains.

So I’m in the market for a new coffee table. I have an absolute love affair with raw wood. I love everything about it, the grain, the knots, the feel of it. The biggest problem I have with raw wood however, is my complimentary love affair with hot beverages. I have a turned oak coffee table at the moment, painted many times to match my other furniture pieces. Seeing as it is in constant beverage use, it develops cup rings, which I paint over every few months. This problem will only get worse with a raw wood coffee table, I hate the thought of destroying that beautiful grain. Waxing raw wood helps, but for a heavy traffic area it simply is not enough. Varnish you say? NEVER! Not only would that ruin the raw look it would also change the colour.

Sometimes the simplest solution to an issue such as this, is to buy something that solves your problem without actually altering the piece itself. You should never try to alter something which is fine as it is. I am a big believer in the mantra “If it aint broke then don’t fix it”. I never change the finishes of furniture, as it often ends in disaster.

My solution is this: buy some beautiful Morrocan tiles to use as coasters!

Tiznit Tile from Kasbah Morrocan Imports Melbourne. RRP $10.00 each

I also love the idea of using a larger slab tile as a place mat for the dining table.

Ornate Tile from Kasbah Morrocan Imports Melbourne. RRP: $15.00

Can you see it? With some candles and fresh Lavender as a centrepiece? Add some friends and a good bottle of Pinot Noir- ahhh sounds good to me!.

Keep an eye out at Glebe Markets or search some of the second-hand and antique stores around Surry Hills for recovered tiles from old townhouses. Because tiles are much heavier than a standard cork coaster they seem more substantial and make more aesthetic sense on raw wood, especially if they are vintage and a little knocked around.

Vintage tile from Old World Tiles. RRP: $11.00 each.

For those of you looking for a more contemporary look try Bunnings for solid stone tiles.

Reuse and recycle- finding a new use for old tiles gives them a new use. Your friends will appreciate your creativity 🙂