One of my Favs! Mitchel Road Antique & Design Center

I love Mitchel Rd Antique & Design Center… It’s a fantastic place to find amazing vintage furniture from all walks of life. They have a section of restored furniture, auction pieces (which are fix up pieces at massively reduced prices) & upstairs a store where you can find accessories, furniture and clothing. It’s also great as they have small sections dedicated to artisans who sell their handmade products, from vintage industrial lights to teacups filled with soy candles.

Here as some pics from my expedition this weekend πŸ™‚ Hope you like them…

This pic comes from one of the areas downstairs dedicated to porcelain wares and crystal…. one of a kind pieces is what you’ll find here.

This is a pic of one of the pieces from the restored section… Prices are obviously higher here but chair frames are perfect and the upholstery is flawless… splurge!

These are new in-store… hundreds, literally a wall of vintage suitcases… run, walk, ride or hitch-hike your way in and pick yourself up one or five of these cases to create some of the great looks below!

Hope your having a lovely weekend!

21 thoughts on “One of my Favs! Mitchel Road Antique & Design Center

  1. I love how the vintage suitcases are incorporated into the design. I just have a few sitting on top of my dresser for decoration and some storage, but never thought to use them as shelves… awesome!! keep up the cool posts. : )

  2. hey! these are lovely cat. I would get the white case in that wall of suitcases. it would look fab once its repainted and sitting all fancy with a cushion on the end of the bed. great store! thanks for sharing!

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