Beautiful Home Office Ideas!

Wow I have been so busy these last few months finishing off my apartment renovations, (which is slightly futile since I am moving in January!) and building my new online store which is coming soon. I have decided that I need an office, and I’m working on some ideas to get the look I want. Here are some pics of what I’ve come up with thus far!

I have been a huge fan of Jimmie Martin furniture for¬†a while… I simply adore these sausage dog chairs!

Hope everyone has a nice day!! ūüôā

I have been nominated!

Thanks so much 2one2blog, Lady with A Twist and Corks & Leather for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I adore what I do and stay tuned as I have many fantastic ideas yet to come! Being recognised by bloggers I deeply respect has made my day!

There are five guidelines for accepting this award:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere.
3. Tell them seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
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Seven Facts about me :

1. I have a tattoo of a goldfish on my wrist. It reminds me to live in the moment, forgeting the past and to keep swimming through life looking forward only to the future.

2. I am an old soul who adores staying at home with her partner more then partying.

3. I have no difficulty in eating an entire packet of cookies… it is usually done at least once a week.

4. I hate Ibis. Literally I will run from them… One stole my hot-dog when I was 3 and I still haven’t fully recovered.

5. I sleep like a log, nothing wakes me up! Sometimes my alarm even fails.

6. Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger is my favourite cologne on a man!!

7. I adore blogging about the things I love, getting recognised is a fantastic bonus!

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Insert some Caribbean colours into your decor

Aqua, Yellow, Black & White are amazing colours to use together in a room! Aqua is such a fantastic colour to use to create a Caribbean look.

Fresh limy yellows of the Caribbean are echoed through the translucency of the Kartell Ghost Chair! I added some an Asian touch with this gorgeous buffet, the unexpected powder blue colour is very unexpected!

How delicious is this raw wood dining table and that aqua print! Love it…

I think I may just have to go for a little trip to the Caribbean after all of this inspiration!

A New Favourite on the Sydney Shopping Scene!…. A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes.

Upon my weekly stroll through Surry Hills last weekend I came across something new… A gorgeous new store has opened on Crown St called A Cook, His Wife and Her Shoes, and it’s about time! Surry Hills has screamed out for a signature shoe boutique for quite sometime and I believe that this is just the ticket.

Meet The Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes. A store dedicated to the essence of shopping and the understanding that the shoe is an essential piece; providing the finishing touch to every outfit. Owned by shoe enthusiast, Regina Evans and her ever supportive husband Alun Evans (‘The Cook‚Äô).

This soon-to-be natural fabric of Sydney’s Surry Hills landscape not only respects the shoe buying experience, but provides an eclectic range of women’s shoes picked by a woman who understands local and¬†international¬†style. The Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes will whisk you to 1950’s France, where heels were a (sexy) part of everyday fashion, no matter the occasion. The perfect statement. From beautiful stockings, to vintage scarves, books on shoes, beauty products to ensure beautiful feet and legs, and of course shoes – let Regina reignite your elegant shoe shopping experience.¬†

I couldn’t resist picking myself up a fab pair of wedges, as you can see below!!! I’ve worn them three days in a row…¬†

A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes¬†is a virtual candy store of femininity! Just look at their incredible range of footwear and a store fit for a French Princess… walk, run, hitch-hike or even piggy-back your way in to pick up some of these shoes for yourself!


A Cook, His Wife & Her Shoes                                                                                                Unit 3, 538 Crown St, Surry Hills.


Eclectic Beige Interior Design Look.

Throwing together neutrals is never difficult.. I found these great products which add a designer edge and character. My favourite is the armchair with the ‘Missoni like’ upholstery… this accent chair will instantly add some style to your home!