Rozelle Markets Haul

I told you all about my pieces I picked up from Rozelle Markets, here are the pics I promised! It is a real treasure trove as long as your willing to dig. Plus the usually have some great furniture there that needs some loving, so if your looking for a bargain this is the place.

This is the amazing Chinese lamp I picked up for $50. It has gold inlay and mother of pearl… this was more then a bargain, this was a steal!

I also got this great ginger jar for $15… Very happy 🙂

A Little Sunday Inspiration.

Ok ya’ll I have been very neglectful of my blog the last few days, but I promise I have a very good reason! Well I have been working like crazy! I finally got my ABN number and I am now a licensed interior stylist and decorator and hence business owner! YAY! I also am halfway through completely overhauling my living room! (Don’t worry before and after images are in the works). So I have been busy organising carriers and my partner to help me pick up new little beauties when he has the time!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week and even better weekend! I spent my Sunday at Rozelle markets with my partner and his mummy. She is seriously such a bargain queen she can talk down anyone on a price, perhaps even the tax man. I feel in love with a handmade Chinese lamp- inlaid with gold and mother of pearl, its stunning I’ll take a pic of it for you later! They were asking $70, (hey! I loved it I would have paid $300!) I offered $50, the seller shook her head and then Irena had a go…. I left with the lamp for $50… very happy Cat I am now!

Well everyone until I get my camera working, here are some amazing inspiration pics that I love to get your imaginations working.

That artwork! I mean, come on! It’s so amazing! I also like the two coffee tables, this is something I am seeing more and more, definitely an instant update idea 🙂

I would give my first-born child for that dining table… I would give my left kidney as well….

I love the colour play in this room, however I really hate the room layout… unless this is a waiting room it seems like a very cold living room, it doesn’t give me the idea that people would come here to converse…

Happy Sunday


Finding a New Home for those Luxury Bags

Ok so these are my bags I have kept from all my luxury purchases from the past year or so… no judgment!

I have been holding onto them (they have been taking up much needed room in my bedroom) planning to do something with them.

I have not wanted to throw these away. Lets face it they represent the purchase and I love them almost as much as the things that came in them. With the price of some prints these days I love the idea of framing them and popping them up on a wall. Have a look at my inspiration!

I’ll show you the final look. But I’m liking this arrangement thus far:

Happy Tuesday!


My New Favourite Coffee Table Designer Pieces!

I love looking everywhere and then finding a few things in the ways of furniture that I have never seen before. These such pieces are just that! I adore them all.

Flotsum & Jetsam Coffee Table from RRP: $3,900.00

Those who follow this blog know my love of recycled wood coffee tables. This one takes the cake! I love the use of different slabs of wood and colours to create an individual texture to each table. This is a sure-fire conversation starter and something you will adore for life!

4foldlow coffee table designed by George Rice for Formtank. RRP: from £490.00

This is a trendy little beauty. Reminds me a lot of the Isamu Noguchi glass coffee table but much more geometrical and updated. I love the idea of this with a graphic rug on the floor… divine.

Table bench chair by Sam Hect. POA

This really appeals to the design-for-the-sake-of-design part of me. This would never work in my home, but would look great for any interior in my “Keep it Simple, Stupid” post.

Ahhhh I am happy I found these treasures, now I must focus on my interior design project: My new living room!

My new couch arrived this week- CHECK

My new entertainment unit is paid and getting delivered (hopefully) this weekend -CHECK

NOW WHAT NEXT! more shopping of course!