Top3 by Design Love.

So one of my fav stores in Sydney is Top3 by design for a number of good reasons. Firstly they have the most quirky, fun and entertaining design pieces all in one store! Secondly they stock one of the biggest collections of Missoni Home in New South Wales. Finally they have stocked designs and products that my partner has created and I love to gush about him!

The Missoni Home collection. LOVE!

I love this Missoni throw! It is the perfect thing to brighten up a boring sofa.


Stillleben White Squirrel Bowl from Top3 by Design. RRP: $990.00

Such an interesting take on a fruit bowl. This will be such a conversation starter at your next party.

Great Bear Candlelight from Top3 by Design. RRP $1,100.00

So elegant, the stems are so long and beautiful.

This is a must visit! Go now… seriously NOW!.


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