Olivia Palermo Apartment Inspiration

I am not really a fan of starlets. On my daily googling today I came across these images of Olivia Palermo in her apartment. I was surprised by her apartment style. Someone who comes across as a very over-the-top and wealthy woman has a rather modest apartment. I love her use of space in her living room, especially as it is a rather small area. I found these products which you could use to re-create this look.

Shadowline Coffee Table from Sydney Side.

I love Sydney Side’s entertainment cupboards as well! This coffee table is really beautiful in person. The bonus with this one is that it simply wipes clean so a little spill is no big deal.

Sussex Tub Chair from French and English. RRP: $995.00

I love this tub chair plus it is on wheels so it makes it easy to push around the room when entertaining. This is very similar to the one Olivia Palermo has in her apartment, just add a cushion.

Cornwell Wingback from French and English. RRP:$995.00

Roller Ottoman in Vivaldi Aqua from Plush. RRP: $649.00

Plush has great ottoman choices for almost any budget and lots of fabrics to choose from so you can get it to suit all your other furniture pieces.

Lisbona Throw by Missoni Home from Saks. RRP: $838.14

I love this throw more than the zebra but you be the judge.

Do you know of any celebrities that have amazing apartments?

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