Destination: Morocco

Jewel tones, laid back feel, mixed textures of silk and cane, slices of embossed gold and silver, it all creates the mystical feel of the exotic. I love the Moroccan look. It plays to both my love of colour, and of organic shapes and textures. This is a style that can be thrown into most interiors. You can buy a few pieces such as lovely coloured glasses to jazz up your glassware, or go all out and really create an Moroccan escape.

Moroccan Tea Glasses from Masion Marrakech. $19.95 for 6.

Red Suade Ottoman from Metroscope. RRP: $230.

I love these! Buy a few and stack them, then use them as floor cushions when you have friends over! You can see how inviting they look scattered around on the floor below!

The rich yellows against those pinks! LOVE!

This is proof of the amazing effect that custom upholstery can have! Sometimes it is just worth the money as that ottoman/coffee table is amazing… what do you think?

Mosaic tables and handmade artifacts are also a large part of this style. They are so interesting and more exciting than the ordinary plain black table that many people usually gravitate toward.

120cm Mjannah Green and Beige Dining Table from Metroscope. RRP: $1,200.00

That sofa is amazing…. oh and the rug…. and the screen… ok I love it all!

Jewel coloured cushions!…. go and buy some now! This is such an inexpensive way to transform a space. This room has been influenced by the Moroccan style but is still very modern. Start incorporating now!


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