Black & White; Creating the Bones of Your Interior

With black and white you simply cannot go wrong when developing the bones of your room. Grounding a design in these basic colours will allow you to experiment with brighter tones, patterns and designs in your home in other ways. Check out these amazing images to inspire you 🙂

This rooms simplicity is to die for! You could easily recreate this in a smaller setting as the lines are simple, straight and without even an ounce of fussiness. That coffee table… that coffee table! This image proves that modern interiors are the perfect setting for a signature organic piece!

Very fresh and inviting. I love the grey and cream textures of the rug and the throw against the harshness of the iron and metal furniture legs.

This is my dream kitchen! The industrial feel with the wrought iron against that deep maple seat. This is so simple! Anyone could re-create this!

Go to and get at least 10 amazing prints that make your heart flip. Order the framed ones and display them in your home! I love the idea of layering images in frames of different sizes in a bookcase or on top of a side-board. is one of my favourite websites they have millions of images in different sizes which you can order! Go-online-now!!!

Loving the crisp whites against the wooden furniture pieces and nickel lamp. They have a lamp very similar to this at Ikea… If you are looking for something of quality however search for a solid nickel one!!

Once again you can see how organic looking coffee tables work so brilliantly against black and white. The texture of the suede cushion and the concrete ottoman is very inviting and unexpected.

Simplicity! I want that throw on the bed… it looks so snuggly!

Do you love or hate Black & White?


What do you think??!

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