A Box of Crayons

“A Box of Crayons” decorating is a term I came up with a while ago. Essentially it involves trying to incorporate every colour you would find in a crayon box into one interior space. Of course I do not mean that you should use each colour in equal measures. Certain colours will take the focus and the others should be used as ‘pop’ pieces. Think of incorporating a bright coloured coffee table book or vase to get started, then go from there.

I love colour! With the dreary day in Sydney we have had today, looking at these images have cheered me up. Think about throwing in some colour into your apartment, you’ll be surprised how positivity effects your mood. 🙂

The books, rug and other accessories incorporate many colours into this space. Teamed up against the black and white printed rococo sofa it looks divine!

Loving the pinks, yellows and greens with the neutrals!

This room is the ultimate example of “A Box of Crayons”. The print on the sofa with all the clashing cushions is sooo divine. It’s such a gutsy choice which has paid off beautifully.

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “A Box of Crayons

  1. I love the ‘box of crayons’ look–it’s chic, playful, and welcoming all at once! And I might just ‘steal’ an idea or two for my new place from that first photo with the grey walls and patterned sofa. 🙂

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