Vintage and Antique Treasure Trove

It’s very easy to make me smile, a little harder to make me jump with excitement but very very difficult to make me speechless and gasping for breath. My partner suggested that we go to Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre (very lovely fellow I’m sure you are all thinking. Not many cricket/football loving men would allow their girlfriend to drag them around an antique store but mine did πŸ™‚ )

Not only was I in awe at the prices, I also was so impressed by the quality and variety of the pieces of furniture and decorative nic-nacs.

I’ve never been to Aladdin’s cave but I’m pretty sure it would look something like this!

That chandelier was $300…. do you understand why I couldn’t speak? I was busy trying not to buy everything I saw!

That crystal jar…. to-die-for!

OHHHH they also had handmade vintage books which were in very good condition, I loved the Shakespeare set.

They had so many beautiful table lamps from the 60’s and 70’s that were in perfect condition. I was intending on buying two table lamps from Domayne which were $390 each…. I saved money buying vintage ones plus, they are also much more beautiful and no-one else will have them πŸ™‚

Some of the best industrial pieces I’ve seen in my life. Beautiful craftmanship.

Luckily we have very similar taste. When he decided to buy a vintage wooden desk chair with leather upholstery I could only approve πŸ™‚

incredible!! Do you love them?

My love affair with vintage raw woods continues. I need to buy a huge house for all the massive furniture I adore…. one day.

How did you spend your Sunday ?


What do you think??!

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