The country roots

I came from very humble beginnings. I grew up in a tiny town in Northern New South Wales which boasts some of the coldest winters in the state. I didn’t ever live on a farm but I feel quite comfortable calling myself a country dweller. I love the fresh air, green grass and I even think the water tastes wetter there. My mother loves country-style. I grew up measuring myself against the hand carved antique white furniture she filled our home with.

At the ripe age of eighteen I moved 800 km away and set up my apartment in Sydney. This was my first place, and it was in a city I was anything but used to. I instantly wanted to rebel against my style upbringing, wanting modern and minimalist furniture pieces. I succeeded.

At the time my mother told me that my country roots where deeper then I could ever imagine. She told me that eventually a seed in the back of my mind would grow and I would want to bring more country-style back into my interior. She was correct!

I am now completely obsessed with this laid back relaxed style, and I’m sure you are too !

Seriously I would move in here tomorrow!

An eclectic assortment of chairs is very ‘country’, matchy-matchy is not a concern of this style of living!

It’s so humble, so serene and laid back.

That trunk…. THAT TRUNK! I have no words…..

I hope this Sunday post remind you all never to run away from your roots šŸ™‚


What do you think??!

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