Orson and Blake Love.

I love Orson&Blake as they often cater to my loves in furniture and decorating, ethnic and a bit odd. They always have rather interesting settings and ideas in the showroom which you can use as inspiration when designing your own apartment.

This is a company I would not usually recommend for apartment dwellers. Their pieces are often rather large and are more suited to expansive living environments. Play a little tit-for-tat and allow yourself a few chunky interesting pieces in exchange for other more space friendly options.

Love those images on the wall matched back with the fresh green cushions. Placing a sofa in front of a sideboard is a very pleasing aesthetic choice, they do it alot for magazine shoots.

Lamp Pendent vintage Wire from Orson and Blake. RRP $690.00

Drum from Orson and Blake. RRP $880.00

What an excellent idea using a drum as a side-table…. LOVE… this is really playing to my eclectic side. I love the idea of using things as furniture which have had another life, hence my love of vintage and re-claimed vintage 🙂

OHHHHHH I don’t think I even have to mention that I love that coffee table, my followers should know my obsession!!!!

While on Devonshire St pop over to VIVID on Crown St. They have more of those lovely handmade throws and bedspreads which add instant character to any room. I also adore the colours!

What do you think??!

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