Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Keep it simple, stupid. No four other words have been more valid to me in the field of design. I am the type of person who often thinks that more is more. I love print, I love colour… i want it all, but honestly it just isn’t for everyone. Its often the most simple of interiors that are the most inviting and enjoyable to live in. . Keeping it simple is an easy statement to mutter- but more easily said then done. I came across these excellent images to inspire you. Keeping your palette within the white, black and wood scheme should set you off on the right path.

Completely adore this long desk- quite a space saver in an apartment situation as well. You could buy a very long console and stack together to fill a wall- make sure you keep it tidy though otherwise chic become ick!

I want that light! I want it now! What a great contrast against all the white. The timber table and chairs really softens the look too don’t you think?

Great pictures on the wall too- this is very do-able keep in the same tone with different sized frames. Divine!

LOVE LOVE LOVE- those Wishbone chairs are soooo popular!

Coffee table= divine.

You can’t go wrong with any of these looks 🙂

xx CAT

2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  1. Hahaha well I am clearly very bias in my posts when it comes to raw wood- completely love it! Looks like wrought iron to me. My partner totally adores this coffee table- he is a designer and is making one for himself!

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