DIY Door knobs.

Lets be honest, many of us don’t have thousands of dollars to get a piece of furniture custom made. A way of adding some personality to some pieces of furniture is by altering their hardware. I am in love with a rather budget friendly cupboard at the moment, which I am going to use as an entertainment unit. The piece is very solid and has a great design but the door knobs are very boring. 

This is so simple to change! You’ll find the best choices of custom and handmade door knobs on Ebay, Etsy and at your local antique store. I love these:

Handmade elephant door handle from Ebay.RRP $35 + postage.

Vintage crystal knob from Etsy. RRP: $38

Polished Brass Pull Handle from Restoration Online Australia. RRP: $13.95

There are literally hundreds on the market so start looking and find something that fits your individual style.

What do you think??!

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