Making a Place for Art

My beautiful boyfriend took me on a lovely date today. Picasso at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, even as I’m writing this now, he is flicking through the exhibition catalogue on the couch. Whilst walking around the gallery I started thinking about two things. First, how lucky I was that my partner choose such a lovely setting for a date. Then secondly, how much I desperately want to be a millionaire so that I can fill my home with such beautiful artworks!

Ok, well I doubt the millions will be appearing in my bank account anytime soon, especially with the way I spend money! So there must be another solution to my problem…. mmmmm…. let me think. The truth of the matter is that you don’t need excessively large amounts of money to invest in some lovely artworks.

Inspired, my brain stared to work overtime….. on the way home from the gallery I went to Freedom Furniture. Loving their new vintage style poster prints.

Vintage Style prints from Freedom Furniture. RRP: $399.00

From looking at Picasso’s amazing works I’ve also discovered that you don’t actually need to be a talented painter to create an interesting artwork. The more abstract the better in my opinion. Choose a colour palette that either blends with, or clashes with your interior.

I love the idea of: blue sofa + orange artwork= perfection.

Another option is photography. Buy a vintage re-print online or go to small local galleries to find a great one. Those of you who don’t throw anything away- search through old rolls of film, find an image and get it printed on a canvas from Officeworks in black and white.

The sky is the limit.

How cute is that painting! Let your child, neice nephew, neighbour or any random child be your artist- they usually have great ideas!

What do you think??!

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