Devine Inspiration


What do you think? This look would be quite easy to recreate in your own apartment as it’s a great choice for space conscious apartment dwellers!

1) OK, so your going to need to get a cowhide rug: You can buy these new at many stores starting from around $500. If you’re a little more money tight you can try Paddy’s Markets in Sydney or search at second furniture places like the type you’ll find in Newtown. vegetarian and not digging the idea of walking on cow skin? No problems you can find plenty of synthetic cow hides for a fraction of the price online.

2) Recycled wood coffee Table: Many different styles are available in this style, especially since the raw wood industrial theme seems to be rather popular in furnishings at the moment. I’m looking at a great one from Country Trader:

Country Trader coffee table RRP: $4,400.

3) The eclectic stools: Look online or at thrift stores- get ones with lots of personality, these can double as sidetables, as well as stools when you have friends over!

4) Great simple sofa: This sofa works so well because it is very simple but has been upholstered in an individual type of fabric. Look for furniture stores online that offer custom upholstery, or you can go with one of my favourites: JIMMY POSSUM!

Would this style work in your apartment??

What do you think??!

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