Studio Living

It reminds me oddly of being in a hotel when I am in a studio apartment. Making a space works as a kitchen, living, dining and bedroom is a daunting task. I am not surprised that so many people simply give up and buy a Fantastic Furniture Package rather than sourcing their own pieces. In this type of situation size of each piece, zones and space are huge issues.

I’d like to first give you an example of my two favourite Sex and the City ladies, Carrie and Samantha. These are two of the most stylish women, however they live in studio style apartments.

Carries Original Apartment.

Ok so I admit, it’s a bit 90’s in terms of decor but it gives you perfect ideas about zoning. The use of rugs is a great example as they help to define an area. The large grey rug is perfect is defining a large rectangle for the living area. The bedroom is defined by the rug in between and the surrounding small pieces of furniture.

My next tip is the height of the furniture: by having pieces that are smaller in height the ceiling looks longer, giving the illusion of more space. Keep pieces very streamlined like the buffet in the lounge area- space saving and practical, you could also pop your TV on top and have it double as an entertainment center. I found a great bargain one at Matt Blatt:

The only issue I have with Carries apartment is the clutter- but that’s because I’m a clutter phob ! 😛

This is her apartment in the first Movie. Beautiful and much more modern not sure whether I love it or not…. what do you think ? I definitely love that wall colour!

Samantha’s apartment is an excellent example of blending the kitchen and bedroom. The use of opposing colours in each space helps to separate the areas. The use of blue in the kitchen also gives the illusion of more space, and is rather calming. Love the mirror also- we all know why thats in the bedroom of course!

What are your favourite TV or movie interiors?

What do you think??!

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