The New Green Colour Crush!

There is something about the colour green. It’s so fresh and inviting!

Living in the CBD of Sydney on Darling Harbour I am lucky enough to have the view of greenery all around me. However, the power of this colour can also get lost against the dominating greys of the cement building which enclose most of the city skyline. What can you do? Well after finding these amazing images I think the best solution is incorporating this fantastic colour into your living areas. The freshness of this unexpected hue will really put you in a great frame of mind when you wake up!

I love those grand drum garden stools! They have them everywhere at the moment! I’m not a fan of the matchy-matchy in this image though as I would have went from perhaps a dark purple version of the stool available at Matt Blatt

Grand Drum in Colour from Matt Blatt. RRP: $165.00

or perhaps something even more gorgeous like this:

Jenaveve Floral Birds Sage from Kelani Fabrics. RRP: $33.00 per meter.

I’m digging this print from Kelani Fabrics to work as an occasional cushion on a nice big emerald green armchair. 🙂

What do you think about green people??? !!


Top3 by Design Love.

So one of my fav stores in Sydney is Top3 by design for a number of good reasons. Firstly they have the most quirky, fun and entertaining design pieces all in one store! Secondly they stock one of the biggest collections of Missoni Home in New South Wales. Finally they have stocked designs and products that my partner has created and I love to gush about him!

The Missoni Home collection. LOVE!

I love this Missoni throw! It is the perfect thing to brighten up a boring sofa.


Stillleben White Squirrel Bowl from Top3 by Design. RRP: $990.00

Such an interesting take on a fruit bowl. This will be such a conversation starter at your next party.

Great Bear Candlelight from Top3 by Design. RRP $1,100.00

So elegant, the stems are so long and beautiful.

This is a must visit! Go now… seriously NOW!.


Petrified Wood Stools: Papaya Homewares

I completely fell in love on the weekend. Head over heels, heart pounding and short of breath type of love.

I discovered a new store in Westfield Bondi Junction that I havent come across before (which is quite rare trust me!). Called Papaya it is nestled on the same level as Top3 By Design and Wheel and Barrow. The have a beautiful mix of hand carved ethnic pieces and some rare finds.

Ok, now to the object of my affection. Petrified wood stools!

Petrified Wood Stool from Papaya. RRP: $1,200.00 each.

These fossilised wood stools are sourced from the rainforests of Indonesia. They are created naturally thousands of years ago during a volcanic eruption, minerals from the ash replace the wood very slowly created petrified wood. These are extremely rare and only found in three locations around the world. Different minerals in the ash are responsible for the variety of colours.

I bought two of these amazing little beauties, just couldn’t pass up such a find!

What do you think of these?

Rustic Masculine Touches

I love the industrial style. Its unfussy, organic and masculine. These are some of my favourite pieces I am now coveting.

Contemporary Oak Coffee Table from 21st Century Gothic. RRP: £995.00

I love! LOVE! I am currently looking into sourcing this for my apartment as it will go perfectly with my new sofa (which is arriving tomorrow, all fresh and new and custom upholstered!). What do you think of this table? Love it or hate it?

Vintage French Postal Desk from Eclectic By Iliana. RRP: $2,300.00

This seems rather interesting! I don’t know whether I like it or not, but it is definitely interesting.

This fabulous image is from apartment therapy. I completely adore those stools! I found some similar ones at 21st Century Gothic. What do you think?

 High Voltage bar stool from 21st Century Gothic. RRP: £535.00

What do you think about industrial interiors?

Fresh and Open Living Spaces.

You know that feeling when you have just started a holiday… or just went for a long walk on a beautiful day… had a beautiful dinner out… ah relaxation. This is the type of feeling I have been chasing to replicate in my own home. A fresh looking, open space which is pleasing to the eye but ultimately relaxing.

These images are my inspiration, I can feel the relaxation breeze approaching…. ahhh.

The print on those armchairs is simply stunning!

This would be my dream. The colours all work well together against the tranquil grey lounge suite. That pistachio green throw is lovely too, looks like cashmere.

Beautiful- The colours are very rich.

Don’t you just want to crawl into that bed?

Seems to me that green is a very tranquil, relaxing colour. What do you think? Would a splash of green freshen up your interior?