If you can’t re-carpet then rug it!

One of the biggest problems with apartment living, especially if you are renting is the carpeting. A rug can be a simple way to protect the carpet, but if you think of it that way then you might as well put down a tarp! A rug can also be an amazing piece of decor! it can add some pezzzazzz, it can link back a colour palette, or add texture to a room… there is actually not a lot that a rug cannot achieve in changing the look of a space.

I’ve searched the net, and contacted a few of my fav suppliers- I personally will always gravitate towards Designer Rugs, mainly because they are designed by Aussie fashion houses- and there really is no comparison in quality but I have also included a few of my other fav which are a steal for the budget concious!

“Cosmic Garden” design by Eastorn Pearson. Designer Rugs. $4,950.00

Divine right? I am saving as we speak so I can give this amazing thing a home underneath my feet…

“Flower Pool” design by Easton Pearson. Designer Rugs. $6,750.00

“Cosmo” design by Kate Sylvester. Designer Rugs. $4,200.00

Designer rugs also have designs by Alex Perry (very glam, boudoir-esk), Akira Isogawa (Asian, modern prints), Dinosaur Designs (geometric) and Catherine Martin (very patterned and full of images of natural flora and fauna). Yerp the price tag is a bit- but put it this way, if you can put aside a spare hundred every now and then these rugs make an awesome investment piece.

Deals direct also have some awesome deals for rugs. This is one of my favs. Its a bit bachelor- this wouldn’t work in my place as I have too much black furniture but this would be perfect for anyone who has lots of second hand pieces as the monochrome will modernise your space.

“Zebra Design Rug”. Deals Direct. 290 x 200. $249.95.

Ikea has also impressed me with its woven traditional rugs- a steal and definatly worth pushing your way through their showroom.

“Persisk Belutch”. Ikea. $399.

This style of rug really makes me want to go out and buy a she-sha pipe and lots of colourful ottomans- which would be very cliche for apartment styling. Team a traditional rug with contemporary furniture- especially with chrome hardwear, although wooden legged sofa’s go well with this style, make sure you don’t go too traditional as you’ll regret it later.